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SX2.7/lms #5500  $649.00       buy here      sx2.7 kit with premium ball screws                                             $899.00      Buy Here

LMS #5550             $675.00       buy here

lms #5550 w/premium Ball Screws                                            $935.00       buy here

This kit includes:

Precision rolled Thomson ball screws for X, Y, & Z axis

Pre-loaded Thomson Ball nuts for X, Y, & Z axis

X axis motor mount for Nema 23 motor

X axis ball nut block & bearing block

Y motor mount for Nema 23 motor

Y axis ball nut block

Z motor mount for Nema 34 motor

Z  axis ball nut block & spacer

Zero backlash helical couplings for X, Y & Z axis

Stainless steel cap screws for mounting motors

All aluminum parts anodized to be scratch and corrosion resistant.

We can anodize in 4 colors. Red, Blue, Green, and Clear.

Please specify color and motor shaft diameters when ordering.

Our standard ball screws are C7. They have a pitch tolerance of +/-.004" over 12"

Our Premium ball screws are C6. They have a pitch tolerance of+/-.0012 over 12"

Standard ball screws have a .2" pitch. Premium ball screws have a 5mm pitch






Installation instruction for the SX2.7 Rev.a


Installation Instruction PDF


the file is large so please be patient with the download