Conversion Kit Photos

X3   $649.00                                                    order here

x3 w/premium ball screws  $899.00          Order Here

Our Kit includes :3 ball screws with ball nuts.

Ball screws are .625" X .2" Pitch C7

4 new thrust bearing for the X and Y axis

3 ball nut blocks for mounting the ball nuts

1 X axis motor mount for nema 23

1 Y axis motor mount for nema 23

1 Z axis motor mount with 2 installation brackets for nema 34

All cap screws for mounting motors

4 Cap screws for installing Z axis brackets

2 timing pulleys with timing belt

2 Zero backlash helical couplings

All aluminum part are anodized

No corrosion, no oxidation

Scratch resistant

4 colors to choose from. Red, Blue, Green, and Clear



Installation instruction for the X3

X3 removal and installation instructions

Please click on the above link for a set of downloadable instructions in pdf