X2 Ball Screws

.625" X .2" Pitch

X axis 18.75" Long $95

X axis 22" Long $110

Y axis 8.53" Long $45

Y axis 10.5" Long $55

Z axis 16.25" Long $80

Machined to your specs

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G0704 Ball Screws And ball nuts

Select X, Y, or Z. With or without double ball nuts. Standard or premium ball screws

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Ball Nuts

.625" X .2" Pitch

Loaded with .126" ball bearings

$39.00 Each

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Zero Backlash

Helical Couplings

1" Dia. X 1.25" Long

We have 6.35mmX8mm, 8mmX8mm, 8mmX3/8", 8mmX10mm, 10mmX12.7mm, 10mmX14mm

$12.00 Each

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